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Staff Development: Research-led Teaching

This video was developed for the National HE STEM Programme project ‘becoming a STEM enthusiast’ to be used in conjunction with the activities found in this collection. In this video, research-led teaching is discussed.

Professor Peter Cox explains how his enthusiasm for his research benefits his teaching...

Enhancing STEM Academics' Public Engagement Skills

These resources, from the HE STEM Programme South West, were produced  to enable academic staff, undergraduates, masters and PhD students in higher education institutions to undertake more effective outreach  through a better understanding of theory and practices with regard to school curricula and learning ...

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase

This outreach programme aimed to build upon good practice from the Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) project Chemistry for our Future, and to develop new activities which could then be used with the RSC’s Spectroscopy in a Suitcase (SIAS) equipment. It explored appropriate contexts which may appeal to students...

What Happens to Your Empty Drinks Cans? *suitable for home teaching*

Using real data from CensusAtSchool 2000/2001, this resource explores issues around the disposal or recycling of the empty aluminium cans in schools. Students discuss the issue, calculate statistics, draw graphs and look further into what happens to empty cans in their own school. 

Coin Spinners

This activity contains a set of 10 coin spinners, which show four segments containing a collection of British coins. The spinners may be used to play coin matching and counting games. Once printed on A4 paper at 100% the coins will be actual size.

This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.

Festive Board Game

This Christmas themed game suitable for early years encourages basic counting skills in an engaging way. Players race to the presents along an icy path, following instructions as they land on various squares. This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.

Pirate Board Game

Aimed at Early Years this game provides many opportunities for developing number recognition, counting skills and discussion.

Each player is given a certain amount of coins at the start and as they travel along the board they will gain or lose coins depending on the cards that they are required to pick up....

2D Bingo

This set of bingo cards supports children learn about 2D shapes in a fun and engaging way. It contains twelve bingo cards which can be printed off and laminated, allowing children to circle the shapes from a description of their properties.

This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.

2D Shape Fans

Aimed at Early Years and lower primary this resource contains a set of 2D shape fans which support with the teaching about the properties of 2D shapes.

Provided by Early Learning HQ, the sections of the fan can be laminated and put together with a split pin to create the resource.

Counting in 2’s and 5’s Number Lines

Aimed at EYFS this resource contains two decorative number lines which help illustrate counting in twos and fives. Counting in 2’s illustrates the gap between the numbers using pairs of socks whilst Counting in 5’s illustrates the gap between the numbers using handprints. The sheets need to be printed out and...

Number Bonds to £1

Aimed at EYFS and lower primary level this resource contains a set of cards featuring 10 different ways of making £1 using British coins. Printed at 100% on A4 paper the size of the coins will be true to life.

This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.

Complete the Pattern: Minibeasts and Monsters

This resource, aimed at Early Years, contains two sets of worksheets to help children develop skills relating to sequences and patterns. Children practice completing simple patterns / sequences by cutting out the different pictures at the top of the page and using them to complete the sequences.

Provided by...

Counting Flash Cards

This resource contains two sets of counting cards aimed for use with children working within the Early Years. The first set of cards features pictures of bees to represent the numbers 1-12. The second under the sea themed numerical flashcards featuring a variety of tropical fish shows numbers 1-20.


Sugar packets

Act 1

A public health video shows a person opening and then...

Ditch diggers

Act 1

Two ditch diggers start digging towards each other...


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